The basic philosophy of cancer by the so-called “experts” is that it starts by one cell that for some reason or another decides to go wild and “mutate” into a malignant cancer cell.  From there, the cell rapidly divides and grows into a mass which is fragile and this mass erodes into a blood vessel and pieces break off and get into the bloodstream and then are distributed randomly to different spots in the body where they grow and that is called metastasis.  According to that theory, everything is random and I don’t believe in the randomness of nature.

To me, it is amazing, that “modern scientific” is always looking for some new answer through genes, etc. and they have dropped good scientific evidence and the basics of life that have been proven previously.  In the 1930s, Otto Warburg won a Nobel Prize for proving that once the oxygenation gets below 60% in a cell, it then becomes malignant.  Albert Svent-Giorgi also did similar work on the oxygenation of the cell and won a Nobel Prize for it.  Cancer develops when the oxygenation of the blood is low and the venous blood pH is high.  We were taught in medical school that the normal pH of the blood is 7.4 and yet, if you measure cancer patient’s pH’s most are in the 7.5 or higher range.  In fact, if you ever get the pH of the blood below 7.35 or definitely 7.32, Cancer will die all over the body.  I once had a patient with a PSA of 982 and we treated him with hormonal therapy and within a week his PSA was 0.1.  We couldn’t figure what happened but when we checked the pH of his blood, it was at 7.29.  To this day, I do not understand how his pH got that low, but his cancer died all over the body almost instantaneously.  We did use constant intravenous drips containing vitamin C, HCl, and sodium bicarbonate in varying amounts to control the pH as the day went on.

Also, I have dealt with multiple cases of prostate cancer and it will metastasize to the bones in multiple spots without metastases to any other area in most cases.  I have asked many medical doctors why does prostate cancer only metastasize to the bones, and no one could come up with a good answer.  Also, when they gave women hormonal therapy for menopause and then they gave them calcium for osteoporosis, they skyrocketed the incidence of breast cancer because breast cancer also mainly metastasizes to the bones.  The reason those cancers go to the bones is because the major food source for their specific mold is calcium.  Calcium is one of the major food sources that cancer relies on as is nitrogen, potassium and iron.

If cancer is a mold, then cutting it out would not solve the problem.  If I have a mold on some cream cheese and I slice a piece of cream cheese off with that mold, the next day there will be 12 new spots.  The whole cream cheese is molding!!  The same thing happens to the body when the pH’s are off.  When the body is stressed, the sympathetic nervous system takes over and the cells become more acid and they dump alkaline waste, which elevates the pH of the venous blood setting up the cancer terrain.  Also, I believe that the mold itself produces a poison, which deteriorates the body.  Because of that poison that the mold produces, it is important to stop the progress of the growth of that mold as soon as possible and, in many cases I am not against chemotherapy to kill the mold, however I would use it in much different doses than the traditional medical system uses.  Also, I use a good deal of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which is very anticancer.

Now, if you look at cancer as a mold, then perhaps as a practitioner, you can come up with a good answer to go after that mold.

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