If you spoke with almost any allopathic doctor in the country they would recommend a plethora of pharmaceutical drugs to try and beat out the spirochete that they claim came from a tick bite and into an unsuspecting hiker, thereby causing Lyme disease.  The growing epidemic of “Lyme disease” that is spreading rapidly through this country, and continuing on through most of the industrialized countries of the world, is not from the bite of a tick, and cannot be cured by your neighborhood doctor’s pill collection.  This epidemic has been blamed on a spirochete that is transmitted by the bite of a tick and, frankly, that is wrong!  Approximately 30% of all Lyme disease cases have NEVER had a tick bite.  So, you may ask, where does Lyme come from?

There are multiple physicians who are trying to treat Lyme disease by using antibiotics.  Their antibiotic treatments, sometimes lasting for years, do not produce consistent results.  This proves to me that it is not the germ that is causing this disease.  I do not believe in the germ theory of disease, which came from Louis Pasteur.  Rather, I place belief in the theory Antoine Bechamp proposed.  This theory, along with the therapies that I have selected to accompany it, has helped me produce positive results in 80% of Lyme patients the first time they come to my office.

Pasteur’s rival, Antoine Bechamp, believed that germs grow in the diseased body.  Germs adapt and change according to the pH and chemistry of the terrain of the physical body in which they live.  Following Bechamp’s theory, we look for stagnant ‘ponds’ and key inflammation areas in which the germ is growing.  What I have found recently is that the biggest cause of a stagnant ‘pond’ is a surgical scar.  At the base of the surgical scar there is a great deal of inflammation, as the body is attempting to heal.  Thwarting this attempt, the scar acts as a disturbance field blocking innate healing ability.  When I treat a scar using neural therapy and isopathic remedies (to heal the inflammation), the results in Lyme disease patients are dramatic.  The cure of Lyme disease is directly related to breaking the stagnation that causes trapped inflammation.  If you look for and treat the surgical scars, you will find that they are the most common cause of obstruction and trapped inflammation.  Essentially, those with Lyme are analogous to a car that is running on only four cylinders.  I am searching for the reason why the ‘car’ is running on fewer cylinders.  By releasing stagnation, the car is able to run on eight cylinders again.

In younger people with Lyme disease there is yet another common area that I find trapped inflammation.  Intra-uterine trauma, birth trauma, or physical distress can cause the formation of the stagnant pond, and therefore trapped inflammation.  These patients often display symptoms of Lyme, yet they have never undergone surgery.  By treating the area of intra uterine trauma, birth trauma, or distressed area, accompanied with osteopathic or cranial sacral adjustments, I was able to affect the same change as treatment of surgical scars in older patients.

I believe that the greatest American physician was Andrew Taylor Still, the founder of Osteopathy.  I believe his words should be used to create The Ten Commandments of biological medicine and disease.  One of his great quotes is “Disease cannot exist where there are no obstructions”.  We have fluid flows and energy flows that are constantly moving around the body.  Obstruction to those flows will create a stagnant pond, and in that stagnant pond germs will morph into different forms in order to adapt.  For example, algae will grow in a stagnant pond, but not in flowing water.  Remember, germs are constantly changing and adapting to their environment. Therefore, treating the environment of the body is always more important than treating the germ.

If you can begin to accept and incorporate the above concept, that it is not the germ that we should focus on for true health, but rather the terrain, you will see and understand the true nature of disease.  And, you will begin to create a vital body with no symptoms of Lyme disease.

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