Does anyone realize that “modern scientific” medicine and all their so-called experts are actually very bigoted and prejudicial people. If it were anyone else, we would not tolerate what they say and do. I’ll give you an example of what I mean.

In the last few days I have had two different patients who talked about my work to their “real” doctors and they were outraged instantaneously. One patient, came into me with a PSA of 38 and a definite prostate cancer. I then treated him that he got his PSA down to 1.3. At that point, I backed off the heavy treatments and his PSA went to 6.3 and he panicked. He went to a specialist who became hysterical and said that I’ve already killed him and there was very little hope. He also told him that the cancer was all over and spreading rapidly. Actually, the cancer had just broken slightly out of the capsule because the specialist did a biopsy and broke the capsule. He further told him that the treatments I used would cause a heart attack or a stroke. At that point he gave his own $1500 treatment. The patient came back to me raging that I have already killed him and he me will report me and get me.

Another patient, approximately the same time, had COPD because he was a smoker for 45 years. He was on a Kaiser plan and he was being treated by a cardiologist and pulmonologist at the same time. When he showed him some of my findings from a microscope, they screamed Quack and Witch Doctor immediately and said whatever I was doing was could be only harmful.

Why is it that everyone that is not an allopathic medical doctor and does not work within the pharmaceutical or surgical system can instantaneously be called all sorts of names and laughed at. There journals refused to publish anything except only one-sided views. They have accomplished nothing in chronic disease in 100 years. All they are is bigoted and racist and arrogant bullies.

They are even becoming mean to their patients. They flippantly will cut the body apart and throw its pieces away because either Nature or some great Creator had no idea what they were doing. Their arrogance and bigotry has become accepted unfortunately. Their methods have dumbed down the population and their propaganda has overwhelmed it. I’m not sure that the people have the strength enough to stand up anymore. I hope they can!

Frankly, that’s why I have a private association, and do educational consults now. Because I’m so tired of the system picking on me, that I need to be able to educate you people, so you can begin to take charge of your own healthcare! There are many others like me who’ve been persecuted by the system.

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