First of all, a biological physician is different than a traditional medical physician and also an alternative physician. The traditional medical physicians, when he sees that a leaf has fallen off a tree, he glues it back on using a pharmaceutical remedy. The alternative physician will also glue that leaf back onto the tree except he uses a vitamin or a natural remedy. The biological physician instead notices that the whole tree is on the ground and he fixes it by figuring out why it has fallen down and then he can stand the tree back up.

Looking at the whole physical body as one unit is very important. I view the physical body as 8 cylinder car,that was created by nature, evolution, or a God. When I see a patient, they come in because they are not functioning the way they like or have been diagnosed with a “medical” problem. The first thing I try to figure out is why this magnificent 8 cylinder vehicle is now only working on 5 cylinders. The most common cause that I have seen that has weakened any place from 1- 5 cylinders, is being attacked and stabbed with a knife which traditional medicine calls surgery. If someone attacked you with the same knife behind a 7-Eleven and took your appendix or gallbladder out, you know you would’ve had a problem, however, when it is done in an operating room by all those people with surgical gowns and masks, you are told it is no big deal and you will do well afterwards. Personally, I don’t care who stabs you with a knife, the body is never the same afterwards! There are ways to treat those scars and really help the body, however it will never be brand-new. The treatments consist mainly of what is called neural therapy and bodywork based on craniosacral osteopathy.

Let me give you an example of “lyme” disease. This disease is an epidemic now and they claim it is mostly caused by the bite of a tick which contains a spirochete and that spirochete is the cause of this “lyme” disease. I have found that at least 80% of these cases have had several surgeries prior to the diagnosis and when I use neural therapy and scar therapy on those cases, I have had some major dramatic results and some definite cures. Every alternative physician out there is treating the germ, sometimes for several years through IVs, without any real success. There is no way that I possibly believe in the concept of a tick bite sending a spirochete into a physical body in order to cause this disease. Someone once asked me, “what is your cure rate?” I told him that I have a cure rate, did he. Of course not!

The key philosophy about the above example is that Germs do not cause disease and instead live in a diseased body (terrain, soil). Pasteur in the late 1800s came up with the germ theory of disease and his rival and one based on stated that germs grow a diseased body. In 1910 John Rockefeller sponsored and supported the germ theory of disease and a huge concept of attack, attack, attack, became the philosophy behind the pharmaceutical industry. It is of great interest to note that Pasteur, on his deathbed, recanted and said the germ is nothing, the terrain is everything!

Since Rockefeller, we have been essentially bombarded by the pharmaceutical propaganda and frankly, we have not found the cause nor the cure of one chronic disease since 1910. Also, the United States now ranks 37th in the world and longevity and health care by the World Health Organization. France is #1 and they spend half as much money on healthcare as we do.

This article is just a wake-up call for all of those people who have been blinded by the medical pharmaceutical propaganda.

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