Recently, the news has come out saying a new wonderful treatment has been approved by the FDA for prostate cancer that will extend a stage 4 case another four months of life. This treatment, which is an IV treatment and needs to be done 3 times, costs $93,000. All the newscasters were very excited about this wonderful new treatment that researchers have come up with. The US does everything big and expensive!!

Let’s get real serious about prostate cancer. Personally, I find that prostate cancer is one of the easiest cases to deal with and frankly, there is a medication out there that I have personally found to be just about 100% effective in curing prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is driven by testosterone and the treatments by the establishment involves testosterone blockers and they run $1500 or more per treatment which needs to be done every six weeks to six months depending on the case. There is a testosterone blocker that the US took off the market in 1972 because the establishment said it caused clotting problems The cost is only 1 dollar per tablet and it works wonderfully well. Recently, I had a person that had a PSA that was only 8700 and now it is down to 1600 and he is working full time. His bones have demonstrated that the cancer has died. I believe that it was taken off the market because it was way too inexpensive and the system can’t make enough money. With diseases such as cancer, the establishment has everyone in fear and that’s why the costs are very high. Cancer is the Establishments way of keeping you in control and fearful.

As I have stated before and written previously about, cancer is a mold of the body. All living things die by mold and we should mold in the coffin, however, with all the pollutions of the 20th century, we are molding while we are still alive. One of the most important things about prostate cancer is the mold only feeds on calcium and that’s why it goes to the bones. If you ask a doctor why prostate cancer only goes to the bones, and he doesn’t have a good answer for that, I would personally leave that physician. Clearly, he doesn’t understand disease. Prostate cancer should be 100% curable!

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