The swine flu is in the headlines today.  They are trying to panic everyone!  What is a “flu” really?  Is it important every year to wait for some parrot to get sick or pig to get sick and then the whole world collapses?  Why does it start with one single pig?  Every year at the change of seasons some type of “flu” appears.  Is there a new virus that is created every year?  Let me try to explain what a “flu” truly is.

Physically, the outside layer of a physical body is the skin and the inside layer from nose, sinus all the way through the body to the anus, is mucous membrane.  The major purpose of the mucous membranes is to communicate with the barometric and temperature pressures from the environment.  During the past year, as a result of global warming, daily temperatures are changing sometimes up to 50° and more and the winds and the humidity is also changing all throughout the planet.  Every living creature and all plant life are changing and adapting to the change in the atmosphere.  A “flu” virus grows in the stagnation of the mucus.  The reason this year is so bad is because the dramatic changes in the weather of the planet has caused our membranes to swell and be overloaded.  Frankly, I have warned a number of patients that this year is going to be quite bad especially in the sinuses and the throat area because of the mucus, which will be very thick as a result of the weather changes.

A great philosopher once said, “Man does not suffer disease, only humanity does which is manifested in individual man”.  Previously, the worst “flu” epidemic occurred in 1919, which killed 30% of the worldwide population.  That “flu” occurred following the end of World War I, which at that time was the most destructive incident on the planet.  The intensity of the devastation and the emotions involved with it, created the atmosphere for that deadly “flu”.

None of my patients will be getting a “flu” shot and instead, I will keep their sinuses tight and as little swollen as possible and they should do quite well.  I tell everyone to drink a good deal of fluids, keep the bowels moving and eat anything that will thin out mucus.  Don’t eat any mucus producing foods such as dairy, fried foods, grains, et cetera.  Meat and vegetables are the most important.  Also, fresh air is very, very important!

Remember this clearly that the germs do not cause disease instead they live in a diseased terrain!!  As a result of the global warming of the planet, the whole terrain of the planet is changing and we need to adapt to that change.  All the plants, trees, fish, animals etc. are all adapting and humans need to adapt also.

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