The Biggest Cause of Chronic Disease Today Is. . .

Managed-care and today’s medical doctors have brought United States medicine to, what I call, the lowest common denominator.  Insurance companies are totally dictating the cost of medical care and a doctors office visit now costs much less money than 20 years ago.  Therefore, in order for a doctor to make some more money, he must do a procedure.  Medical doctors today have a prescription pad in one hand and a surgical knife in the other hand.  Also, doctors are so afraid of getting sued that, just in case, they better do a CAT scan, an MRI, a biopsy, or some type of procedure just to cover their behind.

Today, I had a patient in her late 60s who had a slight rash underneath her right breast.  Her breasts were large and pendulous and underneath the right breast there was a good deal of sweat and a slight rash as a result.  Her doctor took a look at the redness and said this could possibly be a cancer and we should remove that small spot just in case.  This was just a simple little psoriatic type of lesion.  Her doctor told her no one really knows the answer therefore we should do an excisional biopsy just to make sure it isn’t cancer.  That is the new concept of American medicine.  No one really knows the truth unless we cut into it and do biopsies, laparoscopic surgeries, exploratory surgeries, et cetera.

During the past year, I have seen 6 patients that have had appendectomies and not 1 case actually had an appendix rupture.  The stories are all the same.  The patient goes to the doctor complaining of pain in the right lower quadrant and the doctors say that they better do a CAT scan, or an MRI and possibly ending up with an appendectomy.  Even though not one x-ray demonstrated a ruptured appendix, the doctors decided to do laparoscopic surgery through the bellybutton and take a look just in case.  Just about every report states that there is inflammation in that whole right lower quadrant and the appendix appears inflamed, however not ruptured and yet the doctors decide to still take out this appendix.  Medical doctors are taught that the appendix is an organ that is useless and therefore can be removed at any time as a prevention to rupture.  We must have a dumb Creator that put in such a useless organ.

The arrogance of the system is incredible!  If you extrapolate their concepts of prevention, then I believe that doctors should first do an autopsy in order to prevent any problems in the future.  An autopsy would definitely prevent diseases such as Alzheimer’s.  Frankly, the best preventative care you can have is not going and seeing a doctor.  They will only put you on chemicals (that they call medicine) or they will do tests and finally cut you one way or another.

The biggest cause of chronic disease today is a doctors knife!  You’ll read about that in my new book soon which will be titled: “Doctors Are More Harmful Than Germs”.

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