First Blog (published Friday, March 20, 2009)


Every day we get more and more lies and propaganda from the “experts” in the medical establishment community.  We are programmed like sheep from the pharmacological advertising on TV.  We keep on hearing how great our “modern scientific” system is and they keep on telling us how close they are to such great discoveries.  Health care in the United States today, I believe is a result of a true Orwellian conspiracy.

I am so tired of the brainwashing that I decided to write a blog in order to let everyone who reads this, understand how opposed I am to this so-called “modern scientific” system and frustrated by their arrogance and lies.

“Modern scientific” medicine has found neither the cause nor a cure for 1 chronic disease in 100 years.  I have held a challenge out to the medical establishment and to anyone out there listening.  Does anyone know of any chronic disease in the past century that the system has found a cause or a cure? I am not talking about infectious diseases, which is a whole other category of Orwellian smoke and mirrors.

Not one chronic diseases and 100 years have these so-called “experts” solved.  Who appointed them the experts? It’s all lies!! Do you realize that if a medical doctor states that you have a problem that he can cure, he will lose his license because the system has not cured 1 chronic disease.  For example, I was once brought up on charges by the Arizona Board of Medical Examiners that I cured a person with an illegal means.  I was told by the head of the Board that they don’t care if my patients get better or worse, they only care if I am treating them legally. In other words, die in our hands and don’t you dare get better in a way we don’t know anything about.  Eventually, I was censured and placed on lifetime probation for “illegible handwriting”.  If you don’t believe that, go to the Quackwatch website and you can actually see the documents for that censure.

This is my first blog and if you follow this, you’ll read more and more about the corruption and lies of the system.

Today’s PS.  Constitutionally, health care is States rights.  It is the State that gives you a license to practice health care and not the Federal government.  Why has our Federal government decided to choose only one health care professional as the expert.  In the State of California there a 5 types of professionals that are licensed, M.D’s., Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Acupuncturist and Naturopaths. Health care is starting to bankrupt the country because it is a monopoly and they can get away with it.  Maybe if people start to wake up, we can change the system because it is supposedly a Democracy. Think about that!!!

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