Cholesterol is a big thing in the news and the drug companies today.  Cholesterol drugs are the biggest profit makers of the pharmaceutical industry today.  Since we have plaques and our arteries that contain cholesterol, the concept of lowering cholesterol would decrease the plaque formation and as a result decrease heart disease, has never been proven true.  There are two major problems and blood tests that are supposedly not good in heart disease, that are related to the vascular problems.  One is the fats and the “bad” cholesterol’s and the other is inflammation C-reactive protein.  Since medicine today has no idea what causes inflammation and why this C-reactive protein is high, they have focused on cholesterol as the bad guy.  The truth of the matter is that the body heals itself by inflammation.  The platelet count goes high and that is the first response to inflammation.  The cholesterol starts to go up to help smooth out the healing process.  Inflammation is the key and cholesterol is the result.  When the cholesterol is lowered, the body’s healing response is weakened.  Also, cholesterol is one of the most important things for a person’s brain.  The lower the cholesterol, the weaker the brain.

A bear eats everything it can during the summer and stores all of its energy in the fats.  So does every other animal or creature on this planet.  When you eat the fats of the animal, you get all their energy stores.  Weston Price D.D.S., many years ago, found 14 civilizations that had perfect teeth and great longevity.  The only thing these civilizations and societies had in common was the type of foods that they ate.  70% of the diet was animal fats, animal bones and animal proteins.  The other 30% of the diet was vegetables and seeds and nuts that were fermented.  The late Bob Atkins, a brilliant physician, came up with the same conclusion.  All of this lean food is weakening our population.  I tell my patients to go out and get a juicy, fatty steak that comes from a free range organic animal and that is the healthiest you can get.

According to American medicine, everything that we should eat should be lean and we must’ve had a dumb Creator that put cholesterol into such things as milk, butter, etc.

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