One of the more ridiculous surgical concepts that have come up and has been increasing in the past two years is bariatric surgery or stomach stapling in order to prevent weight gain.  They close off half the stomach by stapling so the stomach can’t hold enough food in it and therefore you will not gain more weight.  They have also shown that approximately 5% of people have had that surgery somehow get problems and die within 1 year.  Now, recent studies have shown that these patients that have had gastric bypass surgery are getting a dramatic bone loss also.  This surgery is now being more common even in teenage girls so they won’t get fat.  The concept is totally barbaric!!

Wouldn’t it be simpler to have an orthodontist just wire someone’s mouth shut.  Or even simpler still, don’t eat as much food!!  I would also suggest, eating foods that do not have a label or are not in a can.  Most of the people that are obese today are actually eating “lean” foods and drinking diet Cokes.  If you would notice, most of the people shopping in the United States supermarket and have their baskets filled with all sorts of packaged goods, are also on the obese side.  On the other hand, if you know any people that eat only organic foods, you will notice that the obesity level is way, way down and most look quite normal.

People do not get obese by accident!  This is mainly a US phenomenon because there are more chemicals in the food that Americans eat and then they take more pharmaceuticals than people from any other country in the world.  The French eat probably up to 3000 or more calories at dinner each night and yet most of them are as thin as rails.  That is because they eat foods that are fresh and shopped for daily and they dine over a 2-3 hour experience while we Americans shovel our food into our mouths within 10 minutes.

American medicine has become like a Rodney Dangerfield joke that I once heard.  Rodney Dangerfield stated that he went to the doctor and he asked the doctor if he have anything to stop him from aging and the doctor gave him a gun.  That is the concept of American medicine!

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