Medical doctors today are essentially fear mongers. They keep you afraid of by telling you that no one really knows what causes a problem, therefore we should do a surgery to remove something.  The human papilloma virus or HPV, according to the “medical experts” is a precancerous lesion and is transmitted through unclean sex.  They now want to give an HPV vaccine to all 6-year-old girls and under.  I have seen a few cases that have been diagnosed with HPV that are virgins.  How did they get that sexually transmitted virus?

Frankly, I believe that the HPV is probably just an irritation and possibly erosion of the cervix as a result of tampon use.  Think about that one.  Basically, a tampon is filled with menstrual waste products and it is irritating the outer layer of the cervix.

Preventive medicine today is like an old Rodney Dangerfield joke that I heard years ago.  Rodney Dangerfield goes to the doctor and asked the doctor does he have anything to stop the aging process.  The doctor then gives him a gun.  That would definitely stop aging.  Christina Applegate recently had a small breast lesion and decided to have bilateral mastectomies show she would not have to worry anymore about breast cancer.  That is called preventative medicine.

I wonder why doctors today don’t recommend castration of a man older than 50 years old because that would definitely prevent prostate cancer.  They tell a woman that she doesn’t need her uterus after the age of 50.  Women’s lifespans are now going down because of all the things that medicine has done to them.

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