First of all, a biological physician is different than a traditional medical physician and also an alternative physician. The traditional medical physicians, when he sees that a leaf has fallen off a tree, he glues it back on using a pharmaceutical remedy. The alternative physician will also glue that leaf back onto the tree except he uses a vitamin or a natural remedy. The biological physician instead notices that the whole tree is on the ground and he fixes it by figuring out why it has fallen down and then he can stand the tree back up.

Looking at the whole physical body as one unit is very important. I view the physical body as 8 cylinder car,that was created by nature, evolution, or a God. When I see a patient, they come in because they are not functioning the way they like or have been diagnosed with a “medical” problem. The first thing I try to figure out is why this magnificent 8 cylinder vehicle is now only working on 5 cylinders. The most common cause that I have seen that has weakened any place from 1- 5 cylinders, is being attacked and stabbed with a knife which traditional medicine calls surgery. If someone attacked you with the same knife behind a 7-Eleven and took your appendix or gallbladder out, you know you would’ve had a problem, however, when it is done in an operating room by all those people with surgical gowns and masks, you are told it is no big deal and you will do well afterwards. Personally, I don’t care who stabs you with a knife, the body is never the same afterwards! There are ways to treat those scars and really help the body, however it will never be brand-new. The treatments consist mainly of what is called neural therapy and bodywork based on craniosacral osteopathy.

Let me give you an example of “lyme” disease. This disease is an epidemic now and they claim it is mostly caused by the bite of a tick which contains a spirochete and that spirochete is the cause of this “lyme” disease. I have found that at least 80% of these cases have had several surgeries prior to the diagnosis and when I use neural therapy and scar therapy on those cases, I have had some major dramatic results and some definite cures. Every alternative physician out there is treating the germ, sometimes for several years through IVs, without any real success. There is no way that I possibly believe in the concept of a tick bite sending a spirochete into a physical body in order to cause this disease. Someone once asked me, “what is your cure rate?” I told him that I have a cure rate, did he. Of course not!

The key philosophy about the above example is that Germs do not cause disease and instead live in a diseased body (terrain, soil). Pasteur in the late 1800s came up with the germ theory of disease and his rival and one based on stated that germs grow a diseased body. In 1910 John Rockefeller sponsored and supported the germ theory of disease and a huge concept of attack, attack, attack, became the philosophy behind the pharmaceutical industry. It is of great interest to note that Pasteur, on his deathbed, recanted and said the germ is nothing, the terrain is everything!

Since Rockefeller, we have been essentially bombarded by the pharmaceutical propaganda and frankly, we have not found the cause nor the cure of one chronic disease since 1910. Also, the United States now ranks 37th in the world and longevity and health care by the World Health Organization. France is #1 and they spend half as much money on healthcare as we do.

This article is just a wake-up call for all of those people who have been blinded by the medical pharmaceutical propaganda.

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Recently, the news has come out saying a new wonderful treatment has been approved by the FDA for prostate cancer that will extend a stage 4 case another four months of life. This treatment, which is an IV treatment and needs to be done 3 times, costs $93,000. All the newscasters were very excited about this wonderful new treatment that researchers have come up with. The US does everything big and expensive!!

Let’s get real serious about prostate cancer. Personally, I find that prostate cancer is one of the easiest cases to deal with and frankly, there is a medication out there that I have personally found to be just about 100% effective in curing prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is driven by testosterone and the treatments by the establishment involves testosterone blockers and they run $1500 or more per treatment which needs to be done every six weeks to six months depending on the case. There is a testosterone blocker that the US took off the market in 1972 because the establishment said it caused clotting problems The cost is only 1 dollar per tablet and it works wonderfully well. Recently, I had a person that had a PSA that was only 8700 and now it is down to 1600 and he is working full time. His bones have demonstrated that the cancer has died. I believe that it was taken off the market because it was way too inexpensive and the system can’t make enough money. With diseases such as cancer, the establishment has everyone in fear and that’s why the costs are very high. Cancer is the Establishments way of keeping you in control and fearful.

As I have stated before and written previously about, cancer is a mold of the body. All living things die by mold and we should mold in the coffin, however, with all the pollutions of the 20th century, we are molding while we are still alive. One of the most important things about prostate cancer is the mold only feeds on calcium and that’s why it goes to the bones. If you ask a doctor why prostate cancer only goes to the bones, and he doesn’t have a good answer for that, I would personally leave that physician. Clearly, he doesn’t understand disease. Prostate cancer should be 100% curable!

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The basic philosophy of cancer by the so-called “experts” is that it starts by one cell that for some reason or another decides to go wild and “mutate” into a malignant cancer cell.  From there, the cell rapidly divides and grows into a mass which is fragile and this mass erodes into a blood vessel and pieces break off and get into the bloodstream and then are distributed randomly to different spots in the body where they grow and that is called metastasis.  According to that theory, everything is random and I don’t believe in the randomness of nature.

To me, it is amazing, that “modern scientific” is always looking for some new answer through genes, etc. and they have dropped good scientific evidence and the basics of life that have been proven previously.  In the 1930s, Otto Warburg won a Nobel Prize for proving that once the oxygenation gets below 60% in a cell, it then becomes malignant.  Albert Svent-Giorgi also did similar work on the oxygenation of the cell and won a Nobel Prize for it.  Cancer develops when the oxygenation of the blood is low and the venous blood pH is high.  We were taught in medical school that the normal pH of the blood is 7.4 and yet, if you measure cancer patient’s pH’s most are in the 7.5 or higher range.  In fact, if you ever get the pH of the blood below 7.35 or definitely 7.32, Cancer will die all over the body.  I once had a patient with a PSA of 982 and we treated him with hormonal therapy and within a week his PSA was 0.1.  We couldn’t figure what happened but when we checked the pH of his blood, it was at 7.29.  To this day, I do not understand how his pH got that low, but his cancer died all over the body almost instantaneously.  We did use constant intravenous drips containing vitamin C, HCl, and sodium bicarbonate in varying amounts to control the pH as the day went on.

Also, I have dealt with multiple cases of prostate cancer and it will metastasize to the bones in multiple spots without metastases to any other area in most cases.  I have asked many medical doctors why does prostate cancer only metastasize to the bones, and no one could come up with a good answer.  Also, when they gave women hormonal therapy for menopause and then they gave them calcium for osteoporosis, they skyrocketed the incidence of breast cancer because breast cancer also mainly metastasizes to the bones.  The reason those cancers go to the bones is because the major food source for their specific mold is calcium.  Calcium is one of the major food sources that cancer relies on as is nitrogen, potassium and iron.

If cancer is a mold, then cutting it out would not solve the problem.  If I have a mold on some cream cheese and I slice a piece of cream cheese off with that mold, the next day there will be 12 new spots.  The whole cream cheese is molding!!  The same thing happens to the body when the pH’s are off.  When the body is stressed, the sympathetic nervous system takes over and the cells become more acid and they dump alkaline waste, which elevates the pH of the venous blood setting up the cancer terrain.  Also, I believe that the mold itself produces a poison, which deteriorates the body.  Because of that poison that the mold produces, it is important to stop the progress of the growth of that mold as soon as possible and, in many cases I am not against chemotherapy to kill the mold, however I would use it in much different doses than the traditional medical system uses.  Also, I use a good deal of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which is very anticancer.

Now, if you look at cancer as a mold, then perhaps as a practitioner, you can come up with a good answer to go after that mold.

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If you spoke with almost any allopathic doctor in the country they would recommend a plethora of pharmaceutical drugs to try and beat out the spirochete that they claim came from a tick bite and into an unsuspecting hiker, thereby causing Lyme disease.  The growing epidemic of “Lyme disease” that is spreading rapidly through this country, and continuing on through most of the industrialized countries of the world, is not from the bite of a tick, and cannot be cured by your neighborhood doctor’s pill collection.  This epidemic has been blamed on a spirochete that is transmitted by the bite of a tick and, frankly, that is wrong!  Approximately 30% of all Lyme disease cases have NEVER had a tick bite.  So, you may ask, where does Lyme come from?

There are multiple physicians who are trying to treat Lyme disease by using antibiotics.  Their antibiotic treatments, sometimes lasting for years, do not produce consistent results.  This proves to me that it is not the germ that is causing this disease.  I do not believe in the germ theory of disease, which came from Louis Pasteur.  Rather, I place belief in the theory Antoine Bechamp proposed.  This theory, along with the therapies that I have selected to accompany it, has helped me produce positive results in 80% of Lyme patients the first time they come to my office.

Pasteur’s rival, Antoine Bechamp, believed that germs grow in the diseased body.  Germs adapt and change according to the pH and chemistry of the terrain of the physical body in which they live.  Following Bechamp’s theory, we look for stagnant ‘ponds’ and key inflammation areas in which the germ is growing.  What I have found recently is that the biggest cause of a stagnant ‘pond’ is a surgical scar.  At the base of the surgical scar there is a great deal of inflammation, as the body is attempting to heal.  Thwarting this attempt, the scar acts as a disturbance field blocking innate healing ability.  When I treat a scar using neural therapy and isopathic remedies (to heal the inflammation), the results in Lyme disease patients are dramatic.  The cure of Lyme disease is directly related to breaking the stagnation that causes trapped inflammation.  If you look for and treat the surgical scars, you will find that they are the most common cause of obstruction and trapped inflammation.  Essentially, those with Lyme are analogous to a car that is running on only four cylinders.  I am searching for the reason why the ‘car’ is running on fewer cylinders.  By releasing stagnation, the car is able to run on eight cylinders again.

In younger people with Lyme disease there is yet another common area that I find trapped inflammation.  Intra-uterine trauma, birth trauma, or physical distress can cause the formation of the stagnant pond, and therefore trapped inflammation.  These patients often display symptoms of Lyme, yet they have never undergone surgery.  By treating the area of intra uterine trauma, birth trauma, or distressed area, accompanied with osteopathic or cranial sacral adjustments, I was able to affect the same change as treatment of surgical scars in older patients.

I believe that the greatest American physician was Andrew Taylor Still, the founder of Osteopathy.  I believe his words should be used to create The Ten Commandments of biological medicine and disease.  One of his great quotes is “Disease cannot exist where there are no obstructions”.  We have fluid flows and energy flows that are constantly moving around the body.  Obstruction to those flows will create a stagnant pond, and in that stagnant pond germs will morph into different forms in order to adapt.  For example, algae will grow in a stagnant pond, but not in flowing water.  Remember, germs are constantly changing and adapting to their environment. Therefore, treating the environment of the body is always more important than treating the germ.

If you can begin to accept and incorporate the above concept, that it is not the germ that we should focus on for true health, but rather the terrain, you will see and understand the true nature of disease.  And, you will begin to create a vital body with no symptoms of Lyme disease.

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Does anyone realize that “modern scientific” medicine and all their so-called experts are actually very bigoted and prejudicial people. If it were anyone else, we would not tolerate what they say and do. I’ll give you an example of what I mean.

In the last few days I have had two different patients who talked about my work to their “real” doctors and they were outraged instantaneously. One patient, came into me with a PSA of 38 and a definite prostate cancer. I then treated him that he got his PSA down to 1.3. At that point, I backed off the heavy treatments and his PSA went to 6.3 and he panicked. He went to a specialist who became hysterical and said that I’ve already killed him and there was very little hope. He also told him that the cancer was all over and spreading rapidly. Actually, the cancer had just broken slightly out of the capsule because the specialist did a biopsy and broke the capsule. He further told him that the treatments I used would cause a heart attack or a stroke. At that point he gave his own $1500 treatment. The patient came back to me raging that I have already killed him and he me will report me and get me.

Another patient, approximately the same time, had COPD because he was a smoker for 45 years. He was on a Kaiser plan and he was being treated by a cardiologist and pulmonologist at the same time. When he showed him some of my findings from a microscope, they screamed Quack and Witch Doctor immediately and said whatever I was doing was could be only harmful.

Why is it that everyone that is not an allopathic medical doctor and does not work within the pharmaceutical or surgical system can instantaneously be called all sorts of names and laughed at. There journals refused to publish anything except only one-sided views. They have accomplished nothing in chronic disease in 100 years. All they are is bigoted and racist and arrogant bullies.

They are even becoming mean to their patients. They flippantly will cut the body apart and throw its pieces away because either Nature or some great Creator had no idea what they were doing. Their arrogance and bigotry has become accepted unfortunately. Their methods have dumbed down the population and their propaganda has overwhelmed it. I’m not sure that the people have the strength enough to stand up anymore. I hope they can!

Frankly, that’s why I have a private association, and do educational consults now. Because I’m so tired of the system picking on me, that I need to be able to educate you people, so you can begin to take charge of your own healthcare! There are many others like me who’ve been persecuted by the system.

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According to the Center for Responsive Politics analysis,

pharmaceutical and health product companies currently employ nearly three-dozen former members of Congress. As of March, here is the list of former Senators- and Congressmen-turned-lobbyists, as well as the companies that have hired them.

NameHired By

Bill Archer Schering-Plough Corp

Dick Armey Medicines Co

James L. Bacchus Generic Pharmaceutical Assn

L.A. “Skip” Bafalis XStream Systems

Jim Blanchard Medicines Co

Henry Bonilla Roche Group

John Breaux Pharmaceutical Rsrch & Mfrs of America

Bill Brewster Astellas Pharma USA, Eli Lilly & Co, Endo Pharmaceuticals, Novartis AG, Pharmaceutical Rsrch & Mfrs of America, Purdue Pharma

Dale Bumpers Sanofi-Aventis

Daniel R. Coats Medicines Co

Alfonse M. D’Amato Calspan-Univ of Buffalo Research Center

Jim Davis Biotechnology Industry Organization

Dennis Deconcini American Assn for Health Freedom, Coalition To PreserveDSHEA, Apollo Advisors, Plasma Protein Therapeutics Assn, Research Corporation Technologies Inc, Sanofi-Aventis, Sepracor Inc

Bob Dole Celgene Corp

Thomas J. Downey Cochlear Corp, Herbalife International

Vic Fazio Tyco International, Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic Inc

Jack M. Fields Jr Sanofi-Aventis, Schering-Plough Corp

Bob Franks Healthcare Institute of New Jersey

Richard A. Gephardt Medicines Co

Ron Klink Anzenna Inc

Tom Loeffler Patton Medical Devices

Connie Mack Sirtex Medical

Raymond J. McGrath Cochlear Corp, Herbalife International

Toby Moffett CH Boehringer Sohn

Don Nickles Nestle USA, Bristol-Myers Squibb

John Edward Porter Sanofi-Aventis

Donald W. Riegle Jr Steris Corp

Toby Roth Pharmaceutical Rsrch & Mfrs of America

Gerry Sikorski Biotechnology Industry Organization

Charles W. Stenholm Healthcare Distribution Management Assn

Steven D. Symms American Assn for Health Freedom, Coalition To Preserve DSHEA, Apollo Advisors, Novartis AG, Plasma Protein Therapeutics Assn, Research Corporation Technologies Inc, Sanofi-Aventis, Sepracor Inc

Billy Tauzin Pharmaceutical Rsrch & Mfrs of America

Jim Turner Morton Grove Pharmaceuticals Inc

Vin Weber AmerisourceBergen Corp

Alan Wheat Pharmaceutical Rsrch & Mfrs of America, Planet Biotechnology

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Everyone is talking about overhauling health care but that is not quite true.  What they are talking about is the control of health care costs and has nothing to do with healthcare itself.  Also, I believe that it is unconstitutional that the federal government through Medicare has decided that there is only one profession that is considered experts in health care.  Let’s look at the reality and the legality of that.

First of all, I am an M.D. and I went to the standard 4 years of medical school.  We learned all the basics of anatomy, physiology, and the emphasis on treatment was pharmacological and surgical only. I did not have one minute of instruction on nutrition, structure or health of the human body.  Never once in all of those years did we ever talk about health.  Traditional “modern scientific” allopathic medicine, frankly, knows absolutely nothing at all about health.  Why are they the experts?

As far as I know, constitutionally, healthcare is States rights.  It is the States that grant licenses to qualifying practitioners to practice their profession and not the Federal Government.  Why then does the federal government choose only to pay for the MDs only? In the State of California, there are five different professions that are licensed to deliver healthcare, Medical Doctors, Osteopathic physicians, Acupuncturist, Chiropractors and Naturopathic physicians.  Frankly, I believe it is because of the lobbying of the pharmaceutical industry that has bought the Senators, Congressmen and the White House also.  You can actually see in the newspapers recently the amount of money that each legislator that will be involved in this healthcare legislation, has received from the pharmaceutical industry.

It’s all Money, Money, Money!!!

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